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Two-dimensional FT-ICR/MS with IRMPD as fragmentation mode

Date de publication: 12 novembre 2010

M. A. van Agthoven, M.-A. Delsuc, C. Rolando,
Int. J. Mass Spectrom. 306 193-203 (2011). DOI

Travail réalisé sur le site de l’Université de Lille 1, Sciences et Technologies.


In 1988, Gäumann et al. introduced a pulse sequence for two-dimensional FT-ICR/MS correlating parent ions and fragment ions without the need for ion isolation. The improvement in computer technology makes this pulse sequence analytically useful in order to obtain structural information on complex samples. The pulse sequence can be applied to all cyclotron radius-dependent fragmentation modes, including gas-free fragmentation modes like IRMPD, which do not affect sensitivity and resolving power like the pulsing of a gas into the ICR cell does. This study shows the feasibility of 2D FT-ICR/MS and lays the groundwork to turn this method into a viable analytical tool.